ET-Mod: WhaleClient 1.3

16.06.2005 : 21:22
KillerWhale hat seine Mod WhaleClient in Version 1.3 veröffentlicht.

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WhaleClient 1.3 release

WhaleClient is a client-sided Enemy Territory mod for Windows and Linux.
It works with a lot of mods like etpub, shrub and also the standard etmain.
WhaleClient has been designed to fix a lot of ET bugs, as well as add new features:
It has clientsided hitsounds, killingsprees with sound (no need for etadmin_mod), multikills (also with sound), shrublike text shortcuts, built-in etpub_client and more..

A shortlist of new features in version 1.3:

  • Added a new WhaleClient menu for setting most WhaleClient settings.
  • Redone the player's HUD and Scoreboard.
  • Enhanced Spectator viewing.
  • Added multikill messages with sound.
  • Added text shortcuts (like in shrub).
  • Gib chunks are shown.
  • Bannerprinting support.
  • New custom menu system.
  • Added more small features, like altweap reloads.
  • Added new !pizza and !listmaps chatcommands.
  • Added support for map/team/class change autoexec scripts.
  • Added LOTS of new client fixes.
  • ETpub_client integrated. (Modified)
  • This version is built upon the 2.60 patch code.
Full documentation is inside the zipfile.

You can install WhaleClient on your (pure) server or install it on your client (for play on unpure servers).
It has been tested to work with etpub (up until the latest 0.5.2), shrubet (1.1-B and 1.2test13) and etmain on all patches (2.60/2.56/2.55).


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