ET-Mod: No grass, rain & snowflakes

19.05.2008 : 13:06
A complete removal of grass, rain and snowflakes. Put the file "z_no-grass-rain-snowflakes.pk3" into a mod folder (etpro, jaymod, etpub, nq, etc...) to make sure it will be downloaded to the client. Or put the content of this file in your mod to customize the server. I only made the content so small as even possible for me.


--> No grass, rain & snowflakes
  • Removal of the grass like it's used in Würzburg Radar for every map.
  • Removal of the snowflakes for every map.
  • Removal of the rain for every map. Not only the raindrops are removed, I also removed the wake and the sound of the rain.