Community: 48 hour XP match

18.05.2008 : 11:44
The BlackOps Clan is organising a 48 hour XP match, with the best Enemy Territory Clans. They will battle each other, but also work together.
--> BlackOps Clan
We would like all-round players to join us. He or she will be playing max. 48 hours on the BlackOps server with 19 other clans (and max 10 bots), split into two teams, playing the maps that are now in the campaigns. A lot of the clans can do good scrims, but how will they do when they’re in another team? Will they adapt? After 48 hours, the one with the most XP wins!.


  • Server: BlackOps Headquarters at (Jaymod – UK-LONDON)
  • XP will be reset at the start.
  • 20 slots will be private and players will get the password.
  • The other slots are for specs and players who want to join just for fun. will provide some extra slots.

A total of 20 players and max 10 bots will go for it!

  • 10 Clans will get an personal invitation.
  • 05 Clans can register on the forum with a join request.
  • 05 new registered BlackOps forum members, which will be picked randomly. These new registered don't have to be member of a Clan.
  • max 10 bots when no players are there.
1st price - 125 US dollar (by BlackOps)
2nd price - Enemy Territory QW Game + Collector's Edition art cards (by
3rd price - probably a game mouse (working on it)
4th price – BIG Enemy Territory QW Poster (by again)
Personal Invited Clans:
BBA, Bunker, Evil Smurfs, AoD, SPQR, Etc, UJE, DTT, ALIENZ, JUHU and FUBAR.
A few clans are already looking for that right player to beat you all!

Date/Time: Still to be setBlowfish via PM