ET-Skinpack: Noroda NQ

27.04.2008 : 11:04
We like evey new stuff which is released for the ET and we try to collect the best to give more fun experiences for the palyers.
So, here is the most complete NorodaNQ skin and sound pack (14 MB) which is for the NoQuarter mod.


--> Noroda NQ

Including new:

  • players skin/faces/backpacks
  • loading screen
  • blood limbo
  • weapon sounds
  • flags
  • weapon skin
  • endgame sounds
  • loaction foles for the firetam (names instead of coordiantes
  • 48 funny chatmenu sound some with sprites
  • ingame config menu
  • glowing objectives (green color)
  • including a files which help set to 128MB the hungmeks to the players (server admin must put in the etmain directory)
  • shrubbot config examples for funny text+sound commands (u only need copy-paste to your shrubbot.cfg file)
  • and many more...

Molotov-Rockstar via PM