ET-Tools for Modders

26.01.2008 : 13:07
Very usefull tool to work a little bit on models.


--> Npherno's MD3 Compiler & MD3 Viewer

Drop the exe into the folder with your md3 files, and double click on it. It will load all md3 files, and output a tag file for each of them.


--> MD3 to Tag

Q3Font is a tool to create the font files used by Q3 1.25+ based games. A font exist from a number of tga's, called fontImage_#_[size].tga and a fontImage_[size].dat file. (Unless createex is used, in whichcase 'fontImage' is replaced by the fonts name.)


--> Q3Font 1.52

To convert .mds to .mdm use this tool:


--> Ikonatto's Conversion Tool