ET-Map: Base 55 (Final)

19.01.2008 : 16:46

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August 1943. The allied troops have found a secret Axis Base. It seems that some prototypes of V2 are inside this base. The task of today is to penetrate into the base, steal the secret architect's plans of the V2. In addition the V2 Control must be destroyed.

Allies Target:
  • Dynamite the Maingate
  • Steal the secret docs
  • Send the docs from the
    small radiostation
  • Destroy the V2 controlpanel
    with dynamite
  • Destroy the Depot Defenses
    to get into the Control Bunker
  • Dynamite the Sideentrance
  • Destroy the Axis Command
  • Build a Command Post
Axis Target:
  • Defend the Maingate
  • Defend the secret docs
  • Stop the Allies before
    sending the docs
  • Prevent the Allies for
    destroying the V2 controlpanel
  • Build the Depot Defenses
    to protect the Control Bunker
  • Defend the Sideentrance
  • Build a Command Post
  • Destroy the Allied Command

Changes to the previous version:

  • last modifications
  • texture fitting
  • adding Allied CP Spawn
  • changing the controlpanel
  • new flakgun brushwork
  • tanks full clipped
  • Opel Blitz full clipped
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