ET:QW new Demo released

19.01.2008 : 14:44
"Here it is, the new Enemy Territory: Quake Wars demo! It's based on the 1.4 update and features all of the new features and improvements from it, including the new training mode. If you're intending to run Windows servers for the new demo, you should also grab the server hotfix as it resolves a critical issue related to server queries."


--> ET:QW Demo Client 2.0 Full (Windows)
--> ET:QW Demo 2 Client Full R1 (Linux)
--> ET:QW Demo Client 1.4 Hotfix R1

--> ET:QW Demo 2 Server Full R1 (Linux)
--> ET:QW Demo Server 2.0 Full (Windows)
--> ET:QW Demo Server 1.4 Hotfix R1

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