ET-Map: Eagles 2 (Alpha 6)

18.12.2007 : 19:06

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The Axis has to stop the Allies from retriving a document containing a list of Axis spies in Schoss Adler, also known as the Castle Of Eagles, and to stop them from escaping the country with the document!

This is a remake of Drakir's map Eagles1. It is based on the map source file release by Drakir in 2004. Some objectives have been changed from the original version and several have been added - please check objective list and command map for details. Architecture have been changed and some new strctures added, and game athmosphere is also changed by adjusting lightning and sound. Thanks to Drakir for releasing the map source for this map, I hope players will enjoy this remake but credits should still go Drakir for an excellent map idea and layout.
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