QW-Mod: Blood Mod 1.0

07.12.2007 : 18:34
"This mod adds simple blood effects to Enemy Terriotry: Quake wars. Though very simple, the effects are (in my opinion) very satisfying. I made this mini-mod as my first plunge into the engine. As I work on other things that I plan on incorporating into my soon-to-be-anounced Total Conversion, I may release other mini-mods like this. If there is enough public demand, I may release another version with vastly improved effects. Anyone familiar with the work I did on Doom Chronicles (Doom 3 Modification) should know that I am very experienced with making particle effects... The effects in this mini mod only took about a minute a piece to make, and I am capable of producing much better work if the community desires it. Also, if the demand is up enough I could add some blood wounds, and possibly blood splatters into the game. However, I would need some help from someone experienced with textures for that." ~Codey64


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