ET:QW SDK 1.2 Revision 2 Beta Released!

07.12.2007 : 16:25
We've got a new revision of the Enemy Territory: Quake Wars Beta SDK for you today.


--> ET:QW SDK 1.2 Revison 2 Beta
This new version has a number of fixes and improvements, including the following:

editWorld fixes:

  • Added Create Brush dialog to allow for precise sizing and positioning of new brushes
  • Removed do-nothing "Subtract" entry from the CSG menu
  • Merged duplicate Camera menu entries in the View Menu
  • Fixed camera window flickering/not drawing properly
  • Fixed preferences not loading in some cases
  • Fixed initial locations of Z and YZ windows
  • Fixed sorting of filenames with different extensions in the file browser
  • Fixed compiler crashing if there was no worldspawn
  • Fixed manually entering patch subdivisions not updating the patch
General changes:
  • Added a few additional models to the model_gallery world
  • Added support for (and generated) a blacklist for materials, atmospheres, etc. so that they don't clutter up the media browsers
  • Merged MegaBuild with the SDK Launcher
  • Fixed warnings when compiling generated scripts
  • Fixed generated scripts not copying all necessary files to fs_savepath