theSGL Anti-Cheat for W:ET & ET:QW

03.12.2007 : 20:20
"As promised I'm now delighted to announce SGLac now supports 'Wolfenstein: Enemy Territory' and is available for your use as and when you wish to do so.

What is SGLac?

SGLac is the anti cheat developed and implemented by which we have used over the past three years (how we got through the first year without it amazes me!) to ensure a cheat free environment for our official matches. We made it available to clans to use on their own servers for CS1.6 and CSS (it supports a lot of other games as well) but until now have never made it freely available to an entire community to reap the benefit from.

SGLac is a multiple level client which checks local memory processes for cheats and reports the findings back to us. I am not going to go into detail about how it works for obvious reasons but rest assured it does its job. For the record SGLac DOES NOT SCAN HARD DRIVE FILES. We have no interest in what cheats you may have on your pc - just the ones you are using while running SGLac. Screenshots are also uploaded.

Whilst these work perfectly on XP we do experience the "black screenshot" bug on some vista platforms though as ever we are working to eliminate this problem. The screenshot is really "eye candy" and a reassurance that the client is doing it's job - the real cheat detection happens behind the scenes though we do catch the occasional muppet running a visually detected cheat now and then...

We do have a large cheat database already in place which we crossmatch all scans against but obviously there is no substitute for experience so if there are people willing to take a few minutes and post us some links to some of the more frequently used (or even more obscure) ET specific hacks that are in use that would be appreciated and will be cause for more protection against cheats.

What do you need to use SGLac?

Head over to and make yourself an account. You will need an account to be able to log into the client and use it. You can then download the client by going to the "anticheat" tab and clicking the link. Install , run and you're in business. (You may find nod32 and AVG AV suites do not like the look of SGLac , simply by the nature of what and how it does things it can look suspect to some AV programs, if anyone is worried about this - all i can do is point to our huge userbase who don't have any problem with it).

Finally what may be of note to you is that since ET is free to download and if someone is caught cheating they can simply get a new account/profile/username - is that SGLac can by by hardware (ie if you get caught and banned you will need a new PC to use SGLac again) so we really can kick the cheats right out the game for ever.

Any queries I can be reached on or IRC quakenet #theSGL my alias is theSGL|Uzi.

Finally - I sincerely hope that SGLac will be of use to the ET community and that it brings you a better cheat free environment to play in. I have added an ET forum (part of the ETQW section) on our website, if you have any comments please do post and let me know. We are not adverse to hosting some cups, leagues and other such tournaments if you would like - just shout on the forums and let me know." ~UziEnemy Territory Configs