ET:QW - New Beta SDK Revision next week

30.11.2007 : 23:48
"The reaction to the release of the Beta of the Enemy Territory: QUAKE Wars SDK has been really positive and both the Editing Forum here on the site and the #etqwmods IRC channel on QuakeNet have been really active with new map and mod projects getting underway and people figuring out all the neat things you can do with the Beta SDK. While we're continuing work on the next game update and our official competition mod (more on both of those items soon), we've also been working on a new revision of the Beta SDK. A lot of the changes in this new version are the direct result of your feedback, so please keep it coming. Here's the list of fixes and improvements:

editWorld fixes:

  • Added Create Brush dialog to a llow for precise sizing and positioning of new brushes
  • Removed do-nothing "Subtract" entry from the CSG menu
  • Merged duplicate Camera menu entries in the View Menu
  • Fixed camera window flickering/not drawing properly
  • Fixed preferences not loading in some cases
  • Fixed initial locations of Z and YZ windows
  • Fixed sorting of filenames with different extensions in the file browser
  • Fixed compiler crashing if there was no worldspawn
  • Fixed manually entering patch subdivisions not updating the patch
General changes:
  • Added a few additional models to the model_gallery world
  • Added support for (and generated) a blacklist for materials, atmospheres, etc. so that they don't clutter up the media browsers
  • Merged MegaBuild with the SDK Launcher
  • Fixed warnings when compiling generated scripts
  • Fixed generated scripts not copying all necessary files to fs_savepath
  • We're hoping to get this new revision out to you next week, while the final version of SDK is currently set to be released shortly after the next game update.
Directly related to the SDK and in case you haven't run across it yet, we've also got a Beta version of the Editing Wiki up at, where we've been amassing our collective Enemy Territory: QUAKE Wars documentation and tutorials. We're still adding bits and pieces here and there - once that's done, we're going to open the thing up to the public, so you can use it to share your own editing tips, tricks, and tutorials with the rest of the community. Until then, feel free to browse the Wiki and leave your feedback in this forum thread." ~jRAD
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