QW-Map: BasicAim (Beta)

29.11.2007 : 15:27

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"This is as far as I can feasibly go with this project atm as the map script issues are beyond my control (retail etqw stops a lot of the map scripting from functioning for some unknown reason). Therefore if you want fast respawn times on the aimmap I suggest you play with warmup. Could any issues with the map please be reported in the release thread." ~Zhou

Installation and use:

  • remove any previous versions from your et:qw directory
  • extract the pk4 into your et:qw base directory (C:\Program Files\Id Software\Enemy territory Quake Wars\base by default I think)
  • start up et:qw
  • open up the console
  • type si_rules sdGameRulesObjective
  • type "devmap basicaim/basicaim"
  • Enjoy
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