QW-Mod: Instagib Arena 0.2c Alpha

29.11.2007 : 15:18
"After a shakey 0.2 Release, I am now able to produce distributable versions of the gamex86.dll. I had not realized that the "Debug with edit and continue" build has requirements for the end user. So switching it to a release build fixed the distribution problem."

Download & Info:

--> Download 'Instagib Arena 0.2c Alpha'
--> 'Instagib Arena' Website
Release Notes:
  • Bots no longer stop moving or pause to bring up scope before shooting the railgun
  • Bots no longer use vehicles by default
  • Bots set to attack teammates durring warmup
  • Railgun timings, player movement speed, jump, acceleration and bob/lean tweaked.
  • Vehicles disabled
  • Lowercase "i" for instagib folder name (for case sensitive operating systems)
  • Zip Download only due to issues with installer.
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