QW-Mod: ETQWpro in Development

26.11.2007 : 08:19
"The SDK-Beta has been released, but what is more important and anticipated for a long time now - a competition-mod, which enables a well balanced competitive play, is currently in development.

The upcoming competitive-mod will be named ETQWPro and the guy who decided to please the community with such an ordinary gift in Enemey Territory: Quake Wars is SpaceCommander

"for the community by the community" should be emphasized at this point. Right after the decision to develop ETQWPro, the webmaster of x-ray decided to implement this platform where communication between players and ETQWPro-developers about the ongoing process of ETQWPro can take place.

--> ETQWpro Website
A lot of work has to get done in the upcoming weeks. In order to accelerate the whole development, SpaceCommander needs help in form of:
  • additional developers and programmers
  • players giving constructive-minded feedback
This small list will be adjusted regularly. Additionally, our ETQWPro-Team needs a graphic-artist who provides an inspiring logo for ETQWPro. Every kind of content will be taken into consideration. So get your graphic-programs started folks and be a part of this huge thing."