ETQW SDK Beta Coming Soon

20.11.2007 : 16:37
"Attention all Modders and Mappers! If you've been waiting to make your own mods based on Enemy Territory: Quake Wars, build your very own ETQW maps, create new vehicles and weapons, or are just curious to see how the game works then stand by for a veritable explosion of game-helpy stuff.

We're just about ready to release a Beta version of the ETQW Software Development Kit (SDK), containing absolutely everything you’ll need to make your own ETQW Stuff™. Here's a breakdown of what you'll get in the Beta SDK:

  • All the tools used to develop Enemy Territory: QUAKE Wars (click here for a breakdown)
  • Game source code
  • Example maps and reference maps
  • Original game scripts and definition files
  • A selection of models and example animations
  • While the Beta SDK will not include any Megatexture media or the source textures used in our texture sheets, we are planning to release those separately later. We're also getting the ETQW Editing Wiki ready for launch, so you'll have sample documentation and tutorials at your disposal.
So when are you going to get your hands on the Beta SDK? Well, it's currently undergoing final testing and approval - barring no major malfunctions, you'll get your hands on it as soon as that process is complete. Until then, keep an eye on the news page for the latest on the SDK. We can't wait to see all the cool maps, mods, and models you guys are going to come up with!"
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