ET-Map: Return 2 Goldrush (Beta 1)

01.06.2005 : 12:38

Statement von freak zu dieser Goldrush-Variante: "Several people have made attempts to modify the Goldrush map to better its competitive play. So far I think all have failed. I think the big part of the problem is the length in play and easily defendable bank area. Moving the allied spawn (while seeming to work) has made this map a nightmare to defend as the axis are simply over run. I thought alot about this and decided to try something different. There are very few Doc run maps for ET.
First let me say this... I did not modify Goldrush using the same areas as everyone else. Thus the reason the name is Return2Goldrush. I have closed of a large portion of the map. There is no longer a tank, or truck or even Goldcrates. I have build an entirely new area onto the map utilizing more of the lower courtyard. I have moved the axis spawn to the opposite side of the courtyard, and added several rooms within the buildings to the west of the bank courtyard. I have also added a capturable flag room located south of the ladder room. The bank will still hold the main objective (Documents) that have to be taken to the transmitter room (new room located north of the old tank courtyard). I have added a few new paths (mainly opened doors that were closed off). The design of this map is geared towards fast play. Cap times that could easily be within 5-8 minutes."
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