ET:QW Patch 1.2 Released

30.10.2007 : 19:07
The Enemy Territory: QUAKE Wars 1.2 Update has just been released! It weighs in at just over 280MB and comes with a multitude of improvements, fixes, and new features, including full voice communication, an improved server browser, and a variety of XP balancing adjustments. More information on the 1.2 Update can be found in this developer blog update. You can download the 1.2 Update either via the in-game updater or from the mirror below.

In addition to the client update, there are also updated server files available - please note that due to the amount of changes, there is no server update this time around, only a full installer.


--> ET:QW 1.2 Client Update (Windows)
--> ET:QW 1.2 Standalone Server Files (Windows)
--> ET:QW 1.2 Standalone Server Files (Linux) - Full
--> ET:QW 1.2 Standalone Server Files (Linux) - No Media
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