ET:QW Explained Serverconfig (Retail)

26.10.2007 : 09:48
Update: For Ranked and Unranked Servers.

All cvars you might want to use are included with explanatory notes for each so you know what each cvar does. Additionally a rotation script for all four campaigns and all twelve maps is included.


--> Explained Serverconfig (Retail)
The package contains:
  • README.txt
    • information about each file, example command lines and some general advice

  • rotation.txt
    • rotation scripts for all four campaigns, for all twelve maps and for a mix of all campaigns and maps

  • base/bots/botnames.txt
    • contains the default list of botnames with the prefix [BOT] for each base/guidstates.dat
    • contains a list of banned players and players to automatically make admins base/usergroups.dat
    • contains information about groups, their rights and a list of vote-/executable config files

  • base/server.cfg
    • contains all settings used to spawn a server

  • base/bots.cfg, base/nobots.cfg, base/lowgrav.cfg, base/normalgrav.cfg
    • a vote-/executable config which contains all settings getting set after vote/execution
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