ET-Map: Supercatapult (Beta 4)

01.10.2007 : 23:44

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Allies have located an Axis Castle that they must conquer to show prove how "PRO" they are, the only problem is that the castle is impossible to invade! the walls and gates are to thick to be dynamited. There is one big hole infront of the castle, and it's impossible to build a bridge for such big hole while being under fire. But the Allies are clever and had build a catapult, not to bombard the Axis Castle with stones, but to bombard the Axis Castle with their own soldiers!

ALLIES: Catpure the flag and hold it for 30 secs. Tip: Use the catapult to shot yourself over to the castle.
AXIS: Defend the flag for 30 mins. Tip: use MG42Tyrlop via MSN
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