ET-Map: Bunker Sniper (Beta 4)

23.09.2007 : 14:31

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So now it's about time for a serious snipermap. After all those funmaps it had to come to this. 2 Bunkers this time surrounded by a fence so it looks like a prison. The way to cross is there there is a nice looking terrain in the middle for nice crossing. A little river is made for a bit cover. Sometimes crossing is fun but it must go on a hard way. Lots of clip adjustments were made so you can only get in the bunker through the gates, and it will trigger an alarm as usual.
The map is a bit of an conversion of RtCW UFO map. I hope the maker of that map don't mind that I took some parts of the building he made. Lot's of brushes adjustments I had to make to make this map run under a good fps. I think the map looks really cool with the rain in it. I also spend much time on lightning but now im really satisfied about that , The yellow light's I putted in give the map really good feeling. As usual the are a lot of sounds in the map someone specifictly asked for the owl sound so it's in between the trees. The thunder give the map realism. Well as usual I hope everyone likes the map, have fun with it, then my time is well spend.
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