Thursday 08. 09. 2016 - 16:02 Uhr - Castle Headquarters

= Castle Headquarters =

(aka Castle Republican Party Headquarters)


A new Allied-attack map created by Devils Right Hand.

= Storyline

A group of traitor officers are to rendezvous in a Bavarian castle to discuss their secret plans to assassinate the Führer. Allied Intelligence has become aware of the existence of these plans and would very much like to obtain a copy of them.

Therefore, they send a squad of their elite Paratroopers to the castle in order to do just that.

= Screenshots

Download the new map HERE

Source - SplashDamage - Devils Right Hand

The Wolf Team website HERE



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Friday 02. 09. 2016 - 13:49 Uhr - Mountain Pass Beta 1

= Mountain Pass Beta 1 =

= Created by Devils Right Hand =


= Storyline

The Axis forces have hidden an enormous stash of gold and priceless artwork in old, abandoned mines, somewhere in the mountains. The Allies have been unable to locate this stash, however, Allied HQ received intel that secret documents, pertaining to the whereabouts of this stash, are located in a nearby mountain village.

The Allied squad must locate and infiltrate this village, eliminate all Axis troops, destroy the Axis radio communications in order to prevent reinforcements being called in, steal a truck and make their escape back to Allied HQ.

= Screenshots

Download the new map HERE

TheWolfTeam's website HERE

Source - Splashdamage - Devils Right Hand


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Wednesday 31. 08. 2016 - 10:47 Uhr - Zocker Abend mit DSK - Game night with DSK

Willkommen - Welcome - powitanie - welkom - добро пожаловать - bienvenue - benvenuto


Wir laden ein - Samstag dem 03.09.2016 ab 20.00 Uhr

We invite - Saturday 03.09.2016 from 20.00 o'clock

Мы приглашаем - Суббота 03.09.2016 с 20.00 ч

Nous invitons - Samedi 03.09.2016 à partir de 20.00 heures

Invitiamo - Sabat 03.09.2016 a partire da 20.00

Wij nodigen - 2016/09/03 zaterdag om 20.00 uur

Zapraszamy - Sobota 03.09.2016 o godzinie 20.00


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Mod: NoQuarter 1.2.9. b6



Source: DSK-ET

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